Meet Pepe Andreu

For a few months now we have had in our catalogue some of the wonders of the artist Pepe Andreu, and we want to tell you a little more about him.

Pepe Andreu is a Spanish designer dedicated to devise and produce furniture and objects of design that conciliate the contemporary forms with materials and artisan traditions. Nowadays, the retail quality, the attention to detail and the careful selection of the materials make the final product very attractive. This is one of the reasons why Pepe Andreu presents his line of furniture with innovating designs maintaining the value of tradition.

His products are the result of his inventiveness and creativity. His apprenticeship and knowledge are reflected in his exclusive designs. During his studies in Italy and England he sharpens his aesthetic taste through antique and modern design. At the same time he begins to work in the world of furniture, particularly in restoration, his great fascination. It is now that he begins to explore and broaden his knowledge while being in continuous contact with the work techniques of the great cabinetmakers. This inspired him to produce his creations in wood.

Soon this passion fuses with his attraction to new materials and contemporary designs, giving life to his very particular design.

In Katira we have curated some of our favourite pieces, like the Aspa table, Pepe’s first design back in 2005, and the Valet Charlie, which we think is a great wedding gift for newly weds.

  • Where do you get inspiration to design?

I think about the aesthetics and usefulness of the furniture or objects that we use and I look for how to improve them… it is not always possible.

  • Which is your most special piece?

They are all special for me, I worked a lot on all of them, but perhaps the Flap shelf together with the Lola table are the furniture that would stand out, although if I think of the Helio chair… they are all special.

  • Where would you like to see some of your creations one day?

In many people's homes, I would also love for some of them to be in a gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

  •  Your biggest challenge?

That the essence of my ideas reach the furniture I make.

  • What are you afraid of professionally?

Not having the time it takes to get the job done right.

  • Future projects?

I have some furniture in mind, also a lamp, don’t know what will come first.