Meet Jimena Muñoz, From Marengo Flores

  • When did your passion for flowers begin?

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where there were always fresh flowers. Since I was a little girl I have loved them. I remember always going for a walk with a pair of scissors to cut flowers. At first it was just a hobby but soon I realized that I could do it professionally and I decided to train in this world. It is exciting!

  • A project that you would really like to carry out?

I would love to make a floral installation like the one made for the famous Christian Dior fashion show in Paris. I think it looks amazing! Someday I would like to be able to set one up....

  • What type of flower, plant, etc. do you like to work with the most? What is your favorite flower?

I really enjoy working with almost all the flowers. It is a lot of fun to see the effect that is achieved with each one of them. It is hard for me to decide on one in particular and if I am honest I change my taste in flowers very often. But I recognize that I have a great weakness for ranunculus.

  • When it comes to flowers and plants, what is your favorite season of the year?

Undoubtedly autumn. I love the colors of this time of the year; oranges, ochers, burgundy... You can make very special combinations. In addition, autumn is the season of fruits such as rose hips. I love using these branches in large arrangements as you get a much more natural effect.

  • A piece of floral decoration to always have at home

A bouquet of seasonal flowers, no greens or anything, just several stems of the same flower. It decorates any part of the house.

  • How did you get to know Katira? What is your favorite piece?

I met Katira through a client who had asked me for the floral decoration for a dinner she was giving at home. On these occasions I always ask to see the tableware, table linens, glassware, etc. and then decide which flowers to use. When she showed it to me, I liked it so much that I asked her where they were from and it turned out to be all from Katira. It was a real discovery! I love everything they have but what I like the most is their glassware collection, the colors are beautiful. I also love their collection of books, definitely a gift!

  • How will you decorate your Christmas table this year?
This year I want to set a sober table with a touch of color      from the flowers. I am going to use several red vases that I will place along the table, achieving movement with the different heights. Finally, I will include pine cones, fruits and candles between the vases to make it unified.