A Talk With Mercedes Fernández de Córdoba

Her work is very inspiring and we love everything she reveals to us. Besides being a friend, she is one of the Spanish interior designers that we like the most and we love that she shares with us her ideas, her tastes and what motivates her every day. 
What kind of projects motivate you the most?
Those that are outside of Spain and include traveling and getting to know new places, cities and cultures. 
What would your dream project be?
There are a lot of things I would like to do but what I would enjoy very much is to decorate a penthouse in Manhattan, and also a house in Estoril. I would love to do both. 
How did you get to know Katira and which pieces do you like the most?
I got to know Katira through Isabel, who besides being my cousin, is my right hand in the studio. She knows the coolest and trendiest things, she knows everything and she can't be more up to date. 
The pieces I like the most are the colorful ceramic ashtrays, your games and the wool blankets which are beautiful. 


What prompted you to create your own studio?
I always wanted to set up my own studio but at the beginning you always have doubts and don't care. Since I had been working for a few years, they told me not to hesitate, that I had good taste and a great desire to do things my way. So in 2016 I jumped into the pool and I couldn't be happier. 
When decorating a house, which room do you like and enjoy more?
I like all the rooms, I enjoy all of them. But it is true that I have a thing for the kitchens, because it is a place where friends and families get together and I love that. They are also very artistic and allow you to work a lot with the space. 
What do you think is most important to invest in when decorating?
Undoubtedly, for the final result to be optimal, it is necessary to invest in the finishes, the distribution and in the lighting points. Lighting is very important and if that fails everything else does too. 
What are your favorite design furniture pieces?
I am not a big fan of modern design furniture. I like timeless furniture like the chippendale chairs or sofas with classic lines. I'm more of a "back to classics".


What is your favorite boutique hotel?

I love the Christine Bedford's in Mahón, it's beautiful, super modern and ideally decorated. 

What is your favorite project in which you have participated?

I think that's still to come but for now I'll stick with the country house I made last year in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Leman or the one I made in Binisafua in Menorca about three years ago, collaborating with the architect Mario Connio.