10 Deco Objects For a Wedding Gift

We all have the feeling that the wedding season never ends. In winter, in summer, in the mountains or on the beach, it does not matter how or where, this year you will have a wedding, and that means that you will have to make a gift.

We give you 10 ideas that you will find in Katira, very special deco gifts so that the bride and groom remember you and thank you all their lives.

1. Blankets with embroidered initials

100% wool blankets, made in Portugal and with spectacular designs. Find the most original design, available in very special colors. To further personalize the gift, embroider the initials of the bride and groom.

2. Clothes Valet Charlie

For the groom to receive something more “his”, the clothes valet Charlie of the cabinetmaker Pepe Andreu is the right gift. Its design and materials (it is made with 3 different woods) make it also useful and very decorative.

3. La Figard Photograph

If you are not a fan of giving away furniture or household objects. The option of giving art is also very original. We really like photographs to decorate the walls of a house.

4. Ceramic lamps

To give a touch of color to the living room or bedroom, the ceramic lamps that we have at Katira are the perfect option. To make the gift more special, personalize a lamp in the color chosen by the bride and groom, success assured! 

5. A set of placemats and napkins

So that the bride and groom can receive their guests with original tables, gift them with a set of Mexican placemats and napkins, embroidered by artisans.

6. Rattan set

Rattan is a material that combines perfectly with other textures. A cooler, a folding tray or a few coasters. Any rattan product will be a great gift to give away.

7. Colored glasses

A gift that is a success are these Portuguese crystal glasses. To stand out, mix different colors. It will look incredible on their table.

8. Deco books

The Assouline books from the Travel Series are a terrific decorative item. They provide color and are very original, apart from containing some brutal photographs of each place. To make it more special for the bride and groom, choose a destination where you have been together.

9. Mexican Armchair

The handmade Sayulita Armchair is an ideal way to break any style and bring color and originality to a room. Made of vinyl, its comfort will surprise anyone.

10. Mirror for a hall

A worn mirror is a gift that can be made for a wedding. We love it for a hall or a guest toilet.